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Michigan Real Estate

Michigan borders Indiana and Ohio to the south, and Wisconsin to the southwest of the Upper Peninsula. Michigan also borders Minnesota, Illinois and Ontario, Canada but only on water boundaries in the Great Lakes system. The highest point is Mount Arvon at 1979 feet (603 m). Michigan consists of two peninsulas:the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula The Lower Peninsula is shaped like a mitten and is 277 miles long from north to south and 195 miles from east to west. The Upper Peninsula (often called simply "The U.P.") is as big as Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island combined, but has less than 320,000 inhabitants, who are sometimes called "Yoopers" and whose speech has been heavily influenced by the large number of Scandinavian and Canadian immigrants who settled the area during the mining boom of the late 1800's.

Michigan Real Estate Agents

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