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Selling Real Estate in the Boise Idaho Area

Are you thinking about selling Real Estate in or around the Boise Idaho Area? If you are, make sure to contact me for a free Comparative Market Analysis (C.M.A.) of your properties value. My C.M.A.'s offer more information than you will get from most licensed Appraisers! My Clients and I have actually used parts of my C.M.A.'s in an order to successfully dispute an official appraisal! My C.M.A.'s are free to anyone that will provide me with an interview if they decide to hire an Agent to sell their Real Estate. All I ask for is an Interview. That's a fair trade isn't it?

Boise Idaho Area Listing Agent

Actively working as a Boise Idaho Area Listing Agent has enabled me to gain insights into both successful, and unsuccessful marketing practices. In only three years the number of licensed Real Estate Agents in the Treasure Valley has more than doubled. As you can imagine, this lack of experience in the Boise Area Market has lead to a lot of "Copy Cats". Because of this, I will not post my marketing plan online. If everyone uses the same marketing strategies, they quickly loose their effectiveness. A good example of this is the classifieds in most newspapers. If it were that simple to sell Real Estate, then you could just sell your own property! Please contact me for complete information about my marketing plan.

Proven Marketing Success!

Everyday more and more business is going to the Internet. Take yourself as an example. You are shopping online for Real Estate or Real Estate related information. I was successful in leading you into my web site. Because I new what you were looking for, I was able to lead you into my site through search engine optimization. I hope you now realize I can do the same for that special Buyer looking to purchase your property.

Success breeds success!
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Jim Johnston

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