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Tennessee Real Estate

Tennessee is bordered on the north by Kentucky and Virginia, on the east by North Carolina, on the south by Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, and on the west by Arkansas and Missouri. The state is bisected by the Tennessee River. The state of Tennessee is traditionally divided by its people into three grand divisions - East, Middle, and West Tennessee. Tennessee features six principal geographic regions. Roughly from west to east, these are: Gulf Coastal Plain - including the Mississippi Alluvial Plain; this is the largest region in Tennessee. Nashville Basin Highland Rim - this is continuous with the region in Kentucky termed the Pennyroyal Plateau Cumberland Plateau - also called the Appalachian Plateau Ridge-and-valley Appalachians Blue Ridge Mountains - including the Great Smoky Mountains

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Kingsport and Johnson City Real Estate - Online evaluations and home searches for Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City Tennessee

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